Appetite Marketing

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Appetite Marketing


Put simply, we love all things food.

We are a seasoned collective of designers, art directors, copywriters and content creators who share a love of food and drink. We help restaurateurs develop and define their experience by communicating a vision and a vibe that people can’t resist.


We’re your partners.

We offer expertise, not titles. As our client, you’ll work directly with the craftspeople responsible for building your brand. This partnership is efficient, cost-effective and fun. It’s why we do this.

We’re scalable.

No job is too big or too small. We have a wide network of creative resources who specialize in everything from brand positioning and logo development, extending into menu design, campaign development, all the way to full scale video and content production.

We deliver.

We give you the resources and deliverables you need on time and at every stage of the process, from press release to grand opening. And we provide the tools you’ll need to continue to build and maintain your brand moving forward.


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